Lytocaryum weddellianum

Family: Arecaceae    椰子の木

共通名: Miniature Coconut Palm

Cocos weddelliana, Microcoelum martianum, Glaziova elegantissima, G. martiana, Calappa elegantina, Cocos pynaertii, Syagrus weddelliana

Wedding palm

耐寒ゾーン: 9b     英国と米国ゾーンの天気画像を見る

Lytocaryum weddellianum 知識

Stem 1-3.5 m tall and about 3-6 (-10) cm in diameter. Leaves are 7-25 in the crown, pinnate and more or less straight, about 1.3 m long, leaflets 0.4-0.9 (-1.2) cm in width. Petiole and rachis is covered with dense chestnut-brown hairs. Inflorescence with 20-62 (20-30 fide Glaziou, 23-34 fide Noblick, 58-62 fide Glassman) primary branches. Campos. Brazil.

This species grows in the humid rainforests at low to medium altitudes (50-800 m). Its shade tolerance makes this palm desirable as a houseplant. Monoecious. Campos. Brazil.


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