Livistona boninensis

Family: Arecaceae    椰子の木

共通名: Bonin Islands fan palm

Livistona chinensis var. boninensis, Corypha japonica

Chinese fan palm, Chinese fountain palm, fountain palm. French: palmier évantail de Chine

耐寒ゾーン: 8b     英国と米国ゾーンの天気画像を見る

Livistona boninensis 知識

Trunk up to 15 m or more tall. Leaves numerous, pale green, up to 1.5 m long, with a prominent undivided central area and numerous deeply bifid segments, their tips pendulous, petioles armed with stout prickles. Flowers pale yellow, in clusters of up to 6, inflorescences up to 1 m or more long, of several branches along a single main rachis, each 2-3 times divided into rachillae, bracts brown tomentose. Fruit bluish green to bright green, darker with age, ellipsoid to sublobose or pyriform, 1.5-2.6 cm long, 0.9-1.8 cm in diameter. Leaves: segment apices lax. Inflorescences with single primary axis and 3 orders of branching. Fruits usually oblong or olive-shaped (rarely globose), ripening from green to blue-green.



へのネイティブ, Japan

場所: Chichi Jima I. Japan (27.068855°N, 142.208572°E)

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