Guihaia argyrata Image
Guihaia argyrata

Guihaia argyrata

Family: Arecaceae    椰子の木

共通名: Guilin Dwarf Palm

Trachycarpus argyratus

German: Guilin-Zwergpalme

耐寒ゾーン: 9a     英国と米国ゾーンの天気画像を見る

Guihaia argyrata 知識

Stems clustered, to 0.5 m tall and 5 cm diameter, erect or creeping, obscured by old leaf bases. Leaf sheath fibres stiff, erect, separating and becoming spine-like; leaf blades divided into 14-26 leaflets, these densely silvery white on the lower surface. Inflorescences to 0.8 m long; fruits almost globose, to 0.6 cm diameter, blue-black.

A highly ornamental, small, cold-hardy palm, growing on ancient karst limestone hills to 1000 m asl.


へのネイティブ, China

Guihaia argyrata has also been reported as occurring in Vietnam. However, I have not seen any evidence to support this and I think it is probably being confused with Guihaia grossifibrosa which does occur in Vietnam.

場所: China (25.170954°N, 110.242310°E)

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