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Geonoma cuneata subsp. cuneata
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Geonoma cuneata subsp. cuneata

Family: Arecaceae    椰子の木

共通名: Yah-a-chi

Geonoma decurrens, Geonoma cuneata var. gracilis, Geonoma gracilis

耐寒ゾーン: 10a     英国と米国ゾーンの天気画像を見る

Stems clustered, erect or adscending, to 3 m long, ca. 4 cm in diameter, rough-ringed, usually with suckers on basal nodes. Leaf blade 0.4-1 m long, simple or irregularly divided into 2-4 or rarely up to 8 pinnae on each side; ribs elevated above, forming an angle of 25-40° with the rachis. The most widespread and common of the four varieties. Flowers in Oct-Jan.

Outlier observation


へのネイティブ, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela

At 541(0-1750) m elevation in lowland or montane rainforest.

場所: Colombia (10.904515°N, -73.872070°E)

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